Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love's Landing

Love is in the air! It's almost Valentine's Day. Do you have something for YOUR sweetie? I'm thinking chocolate would work for me! If you are not a chocolate fan like me...well, how about a bright, colorful card?! I might be able to hook you up!

I love how these Prima Flowers just pop off the paper. They are soooo fun!

This sparkly butterfly is so light he's ready to fly off the page!

I sure do love butterflies! I can't wait for spring when we can go on our annual Caterpillar Hunt! Every year (thanks to my sister in law) the kids and I watch our milkweed plants for little baby monarch caterpillars. We bring them inside, feed them, watch them turn into their chrysalis, and watch the great transformation before we release them to enjoy their destiny! I'll have to post some pics of our past adventures. Last year I was actually able to see a caterpillar come out of his egg. Yup, his pencil tip size egg!! AMAZING!! That was a once in a lifetime opportunity for sure!

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