Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walking Challenge & BLOG CANDY

walking chicken egg

****This Blog Candy has Officially Ended! Check back in an hour to see who wins!****

I signed up for a Walking Challenge with some fellow friends. The Leader of the Pack sent us all pedometers to track our progress each day. It's amazing what you can walk and NOT walk in a day! I've never had a pedometer before and I find myself constantly checking to see what I've done! It's 88 steps from my bed to the bathroom to the coffee pot to the couch! :) Our daily goal in these first stages is 3,000 steps per day. Since I am a homeschooling Mom, I guess the story problem of the day is ...how many times do I need to make this 'round of steps' to reach 3,000? Post your answer below! :) Be the correct answer and win a Valentine Surprise (be exact!)!

Not only is this a Fun Challenge among friends but there is also a GOAL that we plan to reach in 7 months. I won't share it yet! I must keep the suspense going! Sean at PIXELVINE has generously DONATED his time to design Our Group a website to help us reach our GOAL. Not only is he talented in Web Design; (ssshhh!!) I think he's pretty cute too! Once he has final approval from The Leader of the Pack, I will divulge all information! So be sure to check back for exciting details in the days ahead!!!

Rules to Win Blog Candy:

  1. Have the Correct Answer in a comment below to the above math story problem
  2. Spread The Word Option #1 - Post a link to this Blog Candy on your blog (and put a link in your comment so I can verify)
  3. Spread The Word Option #2 - If you're not a blogger, that's fine...send all your friends & family an email and cc me in the email! mcmahonshop @ gmail.com (remove the spaces)
  4. Follow this blog - if you are not a blogger, this is not required, but...I will check this!!
  5. You have until 11:00 am MY TIME (clock on my blog!) February 12th to enter

I will use Random.com to pick the winner and I will pick a winner at NOON on Thursday, February 12th! You will have 24 hours to contact me to claim your Surprise Prize! Good Luck and Happy Valentines! Love and Happiness to everyone! Get up and walk for your health!

(NOTE: Be sure if you do not have a google user account and you have to leave a post as "ANONYMOUS", be sure to put your name in your post so I know who the ANONYMOUS's are! Thank you!)


KDT member said...

Raises hand! Oh me! me! me! You would have to make 34.090909090...
trips to get in 3000 steps!!

Great blog, Sue! And what a NEAT pedometer!! LOL

Trots off to look up random.com and link you to my blog. (Of course you are ON my private blog!)

Cindy said...

Since you didn't tell us how many steps it is to get back to your bed to start again, we will have to assume you will retrace your steps, so a round trip would be 176steps and you would have to make that round trip 17.04545454545 times to reach 3000. Unless of course you will crawl back to your bed and not steps add up, then Kath would be correct in her tally of 34.0909090

Sue McMahon usa168923 said...

AAAHHH!! Cindy you are tooo smart for me! But I KNEW that since you are the Blog Bombshell!!

Linda Coughlin said...

Sue, the picture of the walking egg is hilarious and so perfect for the walking challenge! What a teacher you are with your math problem. I also came up with 34.09 times that you would have to make that trip to achieve your 3000 steps - and I added your blog candy to my blog at http://thefunkiejunkie.blogspot.com. Maybe you could add my blog URL to you KDT friends list.

Wendy said...

I'm with the rest 34.090909 was my calculation too!! Cute walking eggs Sue. Added your candy to my blog!!

daydreams 505 said...

Well... If you make that trip 35 times, you will have walked your 3,000 steps with 80 steps to spare for tomorrow!. If you make the same trip just 34 times, then you are short by 8 steps with only a total of 2992. So... If I were you I'd make the 35 trips around the house and then park it on the couch! I'm thinking like my 4th grader, so that's my answer and I'm sticking to it :)

priscilla said...

My calculator came up with 34.09090909. We could use one of those right? LOL

Jeni said...

Hey, for some reason we are all getting the same answer: 34.0909091
Lol. I wonder if we are on the right track :)

I'll add your link to my blog for some candy.

Wendy I. said...

Sue love the blog and the projects. Pulled them up in Picasa! I had no idea you were doing that kind of work. My favorites were the Elephant and the Dog and the card with the Anne Frank quote.

But hey you weren't looking for compliments you just want a count. I too am going with the 34.0909 though I'm thinking Cindy is correct with the retracing part. I'm at the end of a long day, and need to pull my FOUR LOAVES OF BREAD THAT I JUST MANUALLY MADE WITHOUT A MACHINE out of the oven! So I can't mentally unpack the story problem. :)

Fabulous job on the blog, cards, and content! You've got a gift -- that's for sure. Happy Valentines Day to you and the family!

Signed: Your favorite river dredging sister-in-law Wendy

Anonymous said...

My answer for the Blog Candy is 17.045454545 because if it's round trip, you've got to get back to the starting point somehow so I'm figuring you retraced your steps to the beginning. (If you didn't do that, the answer would be
34.0909090909 but I'm not going with that theory.)

May the best man (girl) win!

Anonymous said...

You didn't say anything about a round trip... just make it to the coffee machine. (Does stumbling with half open eyes first thing in the morning count?) My calculations say you would need to make the trip 34.0909090909090909090909... times. I think you can do it. I think I need to get myself a pedometer! I am putting a link to your blog on my blog. I am also signing up to follow your blog. I'd follow you anywhere old pal!

Cindy said...

Hey Sue! Your Mom and I agree and your MOM ROCKS, so I must be the winner, as family members are not eligible!

Sonya said...

Oh darn! I missed my chance by about 7 minutes. Just catching up on my blogging this morning. Cute story problem . . . btw - congrats & enjoy your chocolates!