Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pinata Party!

The store only had Easter pinata's. I don't think my son really noticed! He was so excited to get a pinata that he really didn't look at the shapes. How do I know this? The first one he picked out was all pink. I asked him if he wanted a Pink Pinata. The look on his face was horrific! He chose this colorful egg instead.

Swing, Batter, Batter.......................Swing!!

She's just too little yet! But she was trying!!

Birthday boy made the winning hit!

Candy!!! Fun was had by all! Now we are off to decorate the cake!


Jeni C Slack (^0^) said...

How fun it must have been for them! I remembered Aaron loved swinging for it, didn't matter what shape it was. Hope you are feeling a bit more cheerful these days.

Jane said...

What a fun Birthday = An Egg, that is pretty funny. Your kids will have such great memories.