Sunday, April 5, 2009

Soldier Mike Received His Care Package

A few weeks back, I sent 2 care packages out to 2 soldiers. One in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan. Soldier Mike in Afghanistan received his package! He sent the following message to his Aunt Vicki. I'm so thankful he received it OK and loved it!!!

"I received a box from a Mrs. Sue McMahon today, a very nice surprise! It is
people like you and them that really make our job easy, fellow patriots! I love
it! So thank you for giving her my info to "adopt'" me, she makes a beautiful a
greeting card as well! Do you have her e-mail by any chance? I will definitely
be sending her a thank you!"

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My Paper Adventures said...

You are so sweet to have sent him a care package! He and all the other soldiers deserve our gratitude!