Friday, September 17, 2010

Holly Berry Box for Mom

Hi!  We are back from our much needed vacation.  We had a fabulous time!  I'll try and share some pictures next week.  I bought this stamp while the M5D girls were at CHA last summer in Florida.  I had yet to use it...gasp!  I knew I would have extra free time to color while on vacation so I stamped it up 6 times and got to work!  It was my Mom's birthday earlier this week.  I wanted to fill it with Mackinaw Island Fudge and give it to her.  Well, the fudge was bigger than the box (that's a GOOD problem to  so she received them separately.  :)

Have a wonderful day!



Michelle ~ daydreams505 said...

SOOO PRETTY! I love your coloring and I'm sure your mom loved the fact that there was more fudge than this box could handle. I think I bought one of these stamps last summer too... Time to dive into my boxes of stamps again. :)

Sue @ McMahon Five Designs said...

You did but I think it was a different pattern. I think Denise bought one too. LOL!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

I would have ate the fudge till it fit, LOL. Very very glad you enjoyed your vacation. Love your new picture, you are very pretty!

Carolyn said...

What a pretty box! So nicely colored. Bet Mom loved it!! I agree that is a good problem to have with too much fudge....but I am with Jane on some for me....some for her...until it fit. lol...Great will power on your part to give it to her in separate boxes.
Looking forward to some vacation pictures :)

Sassylassy said...

Welcome back sweetie. So glad you had an awesome and much needed vacation. You guys have been super busy. Your box is gorgeous I just love it and I'm sure your mom did too. Hugs Bonnie