Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Quilt

I wanted to share with you a project the kids and I have been working on.  I went to a quilt show with my SIL a month ago.  I had not intention of buying anything as I'm not a quilter.  I've only ever made one quilt back in the day when I made porcelain dolls and I had a baby that needed a quilt.  It took me FOREVER. LOL!  This one went pretty fast with all the little hands to help!  :)

I saw this sweet Advent Calendar Quilt and new it would be the perfect Christmas Project for the kids this year.  They really got into the fusible webbing and adhering the images to black felt.    After all the pieces were done they kept right on ironing their shirts, shorts and even underpants.  LOL!  They have all been looking very CRISP this week.  LOL!

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without a date and signatures on the back.  :)

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!!



Gramma said...

WOW!! What an incredible Advent project! Your children are obviously as prodigious with crafting as you are. TFS!

Jeni C Slack (^0^) said...

This Advent Calendar is just Perfectly Beautiful! Your kids did a wonderful job, fusing all those characters. I hope to have my kids be able to work on something this sweet! xox ~Jeni

Michelle ~ daydreams505 said...

Beautiful Advent Quilt and that's so funny about ironing the underpants. :)

Christine said...

This is so sweet Sue! I have heard of people doing an advent type of thing with their nativity scenes--setting up one piece a day. This is such a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas!