Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess what's been living in our Christmas Tree?

My sweet friend, Denise, has a beautiful kitty who had kittens.  Well, I became smitten with one so she flew up here with the little cutie back in September.  He has just been a ball of energy and ruling the roost around here.  We named him Jet since he flew on a jet and is jet black.  We thought hard on that one, huh?  LOL!

Well, it's Christmas time and I know how kitties love to climb so we put the tree up without decorations just to 'test the waters'.  He got BUSTED in the tree yesterday!  LOL!  He climbs to the top and back down again.  The tree is just a shaking and wiggling with a him inside.  Our tree is plain this year but it certainly is ALIVE.  :)

If you are looking for our image release today, it will be posted tomorrow.
You won't be disappointed!  There might just be some...

Merry Christmas Blessings to you!



Betty Benton said...

This is just too adorable, Sue! My cats never climbed up in my tree but they spent many an hour sleeping underneath it!

Lorie said...

Oh, my goodness...that is adorable!

Rufus said...

LOL, I can just picture your tree, shaking, rocking and rolling! What a great picture. VERY smart of you to put it up "bare"!

Anonymous said...

What a naughty CAT!...hum, wonder if Santa's leaving him coal!

Christine said...

This is just too funny! I once had a cat, black also, that loved climbing the Christmas tree. Everyday when I would get home from work, the tree would be laying on the couch. Once again, I picked it up and thought but how I could keep him from climbing up the tree when I noticed a plant hook right above the tree!!! I tied the tree to the hook and had no more problems!!! I don't remember having to pick up ornaments but, to be honest, it was over twenty five years ago!