Monday, October 17, 2011

Image Flashback & Dollar Digi Day!!!

Good Monday Morning to you (in the US anyway)!

Fall is seriously upon us here in MI.  The wind was blowing and blowing this past weekend.  :(    So many of the beautiful leaves are down already.
I don't know if where you are you have the fall colors like we do here in MI so I thought I would share my back yard with you.  
It's SURELY God's canvas.  :)

This is the view leaving our house going down our driveway.
Our driveway used to be a railroad bed.  There is quite a severe drop off on both sides of the driveway.  This railroad continued straight where we curved our drive  and it went on a bridge across the road and river.

This is basically the opposite direction.  This direction is the 'dug out of a hill' part of the railroad.  Minus the Car Bootie and the kids toys, this is my most favorite view in the world every year.  The sun hits the trees down the tunnel and they just shimmer and it becomes such a magical view. I drive up the driveway and see this unbelievably awesome view.  I fall in love with it every time I see it.  If you look beyond the toys you can see the top of a lawn chair.  We have our bonfire pit there and that is where we spend our weekends with the kids.  :)  They have the beginnings of a tree fort on top of the hill.  That's a whole other awesome place.  It's so tranquil. Those pics can come another day.  

And to top it off, this is just a close up of the gorgeous Maples we are blessed to have on our property.

Now that all this beauty fell to the ground this weekend, the clean up begins.  Anybody have a rake? LOL!

We have a Dollar Digi Day image for you today and some beautifully inspired pieces of art to share with you!  Check them out!

Acorn Border JPG and PNG

Give Thanks JPG and PNG

Cupcake Cuties JPG and PNG

Hope Pumpkin JPG and PNG

Sophisticated Phrases JPG 

Close Up by: Maxine

Close Up by: Maxine

Breast Cancer Angel JPG and PNG
*Still a Freebie through the end of October


Meadows Sunset JPG

Close Up by: Shelly

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