Monday, October 10, 2011

Image Flashback & New Products In The House!

Good Morning, Bloggers!
I have to tell you.  My birthday was Saturday and my Mom gave me a Sobakawa Cloud Pillow.  I was at her house one day when the commercial came on TV.  I jokingly said, "Well, that is exactly what I need!"  So my Mom gets it for me for my birthday.  I used it last night.  Usually I wake up because my back and neck hurt so bad.  I hit the snooze for an hour this morning!  My neck and back have not felt this good in YEARS!  Seriously!  I feel so good this morning that I can't wait to go back to bed tonight!  Who knew a pillow could make such a huge difference?!  And no, I'm not getting paid to say any of this.  LOL!

Back to crafting... :)
We have some super cute creations to share with you this morning along with a few new products that have come in.  I have a ton more to add to the store so check back throughout the week in the What's New section.

Michelle B altered a bird house using our Calla Lilies BUT the cool thing she did and something you may want to try is she painted them to match her color scheme.  Because they are not made of paper they easily accepted the paint and were altered too!

We have some new products in the house!

For all you Copic Users out there,
It's at a NEW Low Introductory Price too!

Free Shipping on orders over $60! (US customers only)

New Zva Creative flowers are here too!
Rosebuds are 1/4" and the Roses are 1/2".
One dozen roses is only $1.50!
Use Code: Zva to get 10% off!

We also have Zva Creative Mini Swirl Pearls for $1.89 per pack!

Spellbinders Floral Flourish is In Stock and On Sale too!

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