Saturday, November 26, 2011

3D Snowflake Project

Hi Everyone!
A school friend sent us a link on how to make these SUPER COOL 3D Snowflakes.  We just  had to make them and...share with all of you too!! They are really easy and really pretty!  Use your imagination!!

Snowflakes by: Brooklyn and Mom (Sue)
*Note - this paper is now 40% Off

Snowflakes by: Haden and Nolan
Construction Paper & Printer Paper both cut to 8.5x8.5

Ours are quite large but we needed them large for our use.  If you want them on your Christmas tree or package topper, I would go with something smaller like 3" to 6" squares.

There is a step by step tutorial and a video.


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Sue said...

Sue, these are wonderful! Thanks for sharing, will be sharing with a few teachers.....