Monday, March 26, 2012

Image Flashback AND Breast Cancer Awareness FREEBIE :)

Good Morning!  
It's a fantastic start to the week!
We have some beautiful inspiration to share with you from 
Angie and Michelle P this morning!
Along with our monthly BCA FREEBIE!

Ballerina JPG and PNG

Card by: Angie

Card by: Angie

Fabulous & Feathered Lou Lou JPG and PNG

Card by: Michelle P

Even though our emphasis is Breast Cancer Awareness,
the Ribbon stands for so many other Awareness.
Below are the 
April Awareness Ribbon Colors:

Alcohol Awareness Month (red):

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month (Periwinkle):

National Autism Awareness Month (Puzzle):

National Cancer Control Month (Lavender or specific color):

National Child Abuse Prevention Month (Blue):

National Donate Life Month (green):

National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month (Purple):

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (Teal & Purple):

Sports Eye Safety Month (green):

Women's Eye Health and Safety Month (green):

Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Day of Auction - April 20 (Teal & Purple)

2010 March for Babies - April 24-25 (Pink & Blue):

World Meningitis Day - April 24 ( Burgundy):

Card by: Sue

Have a great day!

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