Monday, January 28, 2013

Free Breast Cancer Awareness Digital Stamp

I'll let my comments below speak for themselves...

Even though our emphasis is Breast Cancer Awareness,
the Ribbon stands for so many other Awareness.
Below are the 
February Awareness Ribbon Colors:

American Heart Month (Red or Red & Blue Ribbon):

International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month (Pink & Blue Ribbon): 

National Wear Red Day Feb 5th (Red Ribbon):

Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Week Feb 7-14 (Red or Red & Blue Ribbon):

Burn Awareness Week Feb 7-13 (Red Ribbon): 

National Donor Day Feb 14th (Green) :
***Our Christine is an Organ Donor Recipient****

This months release is bittersweet.   I know how many of you appreciate the awareness efforts we put forth each month.  I receive numerous emails every month with stories upon stories.  That's why I do it. However, this past month, I have lost another family member to breast cancer.  My mother's favorite cousin, Donna.  She lived in TN and every time my mother visited with her, my mother would come back with an accent.  LOL!  My mother was planning to visit Donna the end of January.  To give you a short step-father is in the late stages of Alzheimer's and my mother is his care giver. Her days are long and tiring but she knows God has her on this path for a reason.  Back to Mom was scheduled to arrange 24 hour care for my step-father while she went to say goodbye to her favorite cousin the end of this month.  Unfortunately, Donna passed away before arrangements were made and the trip was scheduled.  My trooper of a mother didn't get to say goodbye.  In my mother's sadness she said to me, "I know what Donna would be telling me right now.  Ha ha...I made it to Heaven before you did."  :)  My mother made the drive to TN for the funeral with my step-father and her cousin and his wife.  My step-father did amazing and she was able to see her cousin one last time here on earth.  So with all that....  Donna's Wings are released this month.

Card by: Christine

Card by: Michelle P

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