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Breast Cancer Awareness FREEBIE Image & Papers!

Happy 25th of March!
It's that time of the month when we remind you to do your self exams and reward you with a freebie!  We have a special one instore for you this month! 

We have a wonderful story from a customer that we are sharing with you along with the usual free image PLUS 3 digital papers!  Check it out!

Even though our emphasis is Breast Cancer Awareness,
the Ribbon stands for so many other Awareness.
Below are the 
April Awareness Ribbon Colors:

Alcohol Awareness Month (red): 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month (Periwinkle): 

National Autism Awareness Month (Puzzle): 

National Cancer Control Month (Lavender or specific color):

National Child Abuse Prevention Month (Blue): 

National Donate Life Month (green): 

National Facial Protection Month: 

National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month (Purple): 

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (Teal & Purple): 

Sports Eye Safety Month (green): 

Women's Eye Health and Safety Month (green): 

Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Day of Auction - April 20 (Teal & Purple) www.nsvrc.org/saam/current-campaign/day-of-action 

2010 March for Babies - April 24-25 (Pink & Blue): 

World Meningitis Day - April 24 ( Burgundy): 

I also wanted to share with you an email I received from one of our customers last month after we sent out our Cancer Awareness Ribbon. :)

Thank you for the awareness ribbon digi.  I just want to inform you that March is National Multiple Myeloma Awareness month!  MM is a blood cancer that is in the Leukemia family, however there is no cure.  It can be controlled for a time.  MM is cancer of the bone marrow.  It causes lesions in the bones and makes the bones very brittle with the possibility of crumbling from a fall.  Many people who suffer from this cancer, (including myself) have had back, ribs, femur and head lesions which cause a lot of pain!  One course of action to stave off the possibility of immediate death is to have a stem cell transplant.  In order to do this, we must have all of our white blood cells removed and frozen until the day of transplant.  To get ready for the transplant, We are given very high doses of chemo therapy for a couple of days prior.  This chemo wreaks havoc on our bodies with side effects that NEVER go away!  I am telling you all of this because I want more people to be aware of this horrible disease!  So, I would appreciate it if you would add Multiple Myeloma to your list.  The color of our ribbon is burgundy.  

I did have the stem cell transplant, in fact, I had what they call tandem transplants which are done within 3 months of each other!  There is not enough time to recuperate from the first when you are getting the second!  The only reason that I had the tandem is because I was in a clinical trial and that was part of my arm of the trial.  The others only had to have a single transplant!  (Lucky them!)  My original diagnosis was pretty far advanced. 80% of my body was infiltrated with these nasty cancer cells.  I was originally given 7 months.  They said that with a transplant, I might be able to get 7 years.  I chose the 7 years!    Anyway, I am in remission right now (praise God) and I plan on staying there for a while!  Each day is a gift and I just have to wait and see what my future holds.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and giving permission to share your story with our fellow crafters, Barb.  We are so thankful you are in remission and pray you continue to stay there.  Please visit Barb's blog and show her some LOVE! 
She's also a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  Beautiful work!

With a big thank you to Kristine
we not only have our Awareness Freebie this month but 
Thanks, Kris!

Please note that due to the file size, you will have download all 4 files separately.  We apologize for the inconvenience of it not being all in one download but in reality, that's a pretty small inconvenience for receiving such beautifully created papers...FOR FREE.  :)

Floral Cross Blue Digital Paper

 Floral Cross Burgundy Digital Paper

 Floral Cross Pink Digital Paper

Card By: Danielle

Card By: Kristine


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