Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm involved in a really FUN Challenge for Ebay. There is an awesome card buyer on Ebay who throws out Challenges to her personally hand selected favorite card artists. I do not know the exact number of card artists in her chosen group but it's somewhere around 25. She has now closed this door on new artists and I happen to be one of the LUCKY ONES CHOSEN!!! It's an incredible group of artists. I mean ARTISTS!!! All of them have incredible talent and are as kind as their cards are beautiful. I still can't believe I'm in the same league as they are!!

Challenge #2 is an inspiration card for the new year. Here is my submission. What do you think?

As you may know, the last 6 months has been more than "interesting" for us. I read this verse one morning and it stuck. '...nothing will be impossible for me.' That's what hauls my hiney out of bed in the morning. OK, maybe it's Brookie-B kicking me in the back! But this definitely is my driving force these days.


Robbie ... said...

Love this card. So inspirational!

Sue McMahon usa168923 said...

Thank you Robbie!