Friday, December 12, 2008

Going Green - How to Recycle a Card into a Gift Box

Have you ever needed a pretty box but didn't have the right size or time to go buy one? Well, here you go! I will give a quick tutorial on how to make a CUTE box from an old greeting card. It could be a Birthday card, Christmas card, Note card...any card and size will work! And it takes less than 5 minutes!

First, you need a card. I chose Monet's Waterlillies At Giverny sent to me by Alzheimer's Association. Thank you!

Next, cut your card in half on the fold line.

Next, choose which half will be the bottom of the box and cut 1/8" off 2 sides. This will allow the top of the box to fit nicely over the bottom.

Next, score 1" from the edge on all 4 sides of both pieces.
Next, clip the ends on the score lines.

Next, using your Stampin' Up! Sticky Strip adhesive (or any other stong adhesive), tape your flaps to the inside of the box.

And that quick, you have a box!!!

Embellish with a pretty silk ribbon and no one will know this was a card!!

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