Saturday, January 31, 2009

Copic Markers 101

My Mom shows up on my door step yesterday with a set of 72 Copic Markers!! Of course, I'm EXTREMELY Grateful and Excited to get at them! Thank you Mom!! As I started playing with them last night, I quickly learned paper makes a huge difference! I went on a search to find what the best paper recommendations are for Copics. What I found was a lot more than that!

I found some great resources and will link them below.

Basic Coloring Troubleshooting

Tips For Coloring Tiny Areas

Survey Results on Best Papers and Inks to Use

It is recommended once you choose your favorite paper, to make yourself a Copic Color Chart. Colors appear differently on different papers. Below are several blank and complete Copic Color Chart options. Once you choose your favorite paper, print one of the blank Copic Color Charts onto that paper, color in the boxes with your markers, place in a page protector and you have your colors right there infront of you!

Complete Color Chart

1 Page Blank Forms

4 Page Blank Forms

I went to Walmart today and bought some of the Georgia Pacific Card Stock for $5.48. I am anxious to give it a try and see if it works better than the cheap printer paper I was trying to use last night! HA! I will post my success's and failures along the way! Wish me luck!


Elaine aka Quixotic said...

So cool, and such a nice surprise!

Once you get to grips with them, I'm sure you will love the Copics.

Paper definitely makes a big difference, and you will find the I Love Markers blog to be invaluable.

Looking forward to seeing your work with these in the future!

Sue McMahon usa168923 said...

Thank you Elaine! And thanks for pointing me in the direction of I Love Markers. I was up until midnight reading her blog. It's awesome what she puts out there!