Friday, January 30, 2009

Flower Pot Trio

The colors of this card turned out so soothing. I love how they are so soft and not one particular thing about this card just POPS, it all just flows.

I love summer and lots of flowers in pots. My husband use to work for a greenhouse and I was really, really spoiled with the 'reject plants'. Not sure why they were ever rejected. He always brought home the most beautiful plants! They always found love and appreciation at my house, even if the growers thought they were trash! ;)

I wasn't sure how this 'curl' was going to turn out. But I think it works well for this card.

Lots of layers and I think I've perfected that zigzag sewing corner!

Cute and colorful inside to write someone a lovely note!


My Paper Adventures said...

Beautiful card!! I especially LOVE your elepahnt and dog card :)

daydreams 505 said...

Wow Sue! I love everything about this card!.. Amazing! :)