Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is a Digi Stamp? How do I use a Digi Stamp?

With opening my new Digi Stamp, Wood Paper (and more to come!) Online Store, I thought it might be a good idea to answer some Frequent Questions about Digi's. Not everyone is familiar with Digi' grab a cup of coffee and let's talk Digi Stamps!

What are Digi Stamps?
Digital Stamps or Digi Stamps are used just like rubber or acrylic stamps. However, instead of inking up stamps you will be printing your image on paper or cardstock using your home printer. Once printed, you can color your images just as you would with regular stamps using color pencils, markers, etc.

What are the advantages to Digi Stamps?
The great advantages of a Digi Stamp are that you can reuse it, resize it, flip it, and change line colors unlike rubber or acrylic stamps. The even cooler thing about Digi Stamps is that you can buy, download, print and be coloring in 5 minutes or less. You never left your home, you didn’t have to spend any money for gas, you didn’t have to wait for the Delivery Man to show up, AND you can do it all in your jammies! Digi Stamps are stored right on your computer and there is no need for shelving, boxes, bins or drawers! AND there is no stamp to clean and put away!

How do I color a Digi Stamp?
You can do everything with a Digi Stamp that you can do with a rubber or acrylic stamp and more. You can use all your favorite mediums such as pencils, markers, embossing and even watercoloring! See our How-To’s section on our Website for tips and ideas!

How do I resize my Digi Stamps?
Word: Click on the insert link from the menu. Then click on insert a picture from the file link. Next find your file and click on insert. Once the image is in word, click on the format link from the menu bar then resize.

Works: Click on the insert link at the top of the menu. Then click on picture, and then select the from file. Use the frame around the image to resize.

Photoshop: At the top of the menu bar select the image link. Resize the image by entering in the dimension you need. Click ok and its done.

Photoshop Elements: The process is the same as Photoshop.

Windows Paint: Go to the main menu and open the image. Once the image is open select “Resize / Skew” and type in percentage to resize.

How many times can I download the images I buy?
At McMahon Five Designs, your images will remain in your account for 5 days and you can download them a total of 2 times during those 5 days.

How long does it take to receive my images?
As soon as your payment has cleared with PayPal, you can access your images in your account or follow the link in the email you will receive.

Is it secure to purchase these images?
Purchasing images from McMahon Five Designs is easy and secure. Because we use PayPal all transactions take place behind a digitally encrypted, secure server. You can purchase with confidence!

Can I get a different file format?
Yes! Just contact us and we will send you the desired file format.

Can I sell the cards and paper crafts I make with McMahon Five Design images?
Yes! McMahon Five Designs is an Angel Company which means you are free to sell the cards and paper crafts you make with our images. There are only a few limitations: you may not redistribute McMahon Five Design images, including sharing, copying, lending or reselling them. McMahon Five Design images are for digital use only and are not to be made into physical rubber stamps or die-cuts.

What can I do if my ink is smearing?
To keep your ink from smearing, you can simply heat seal the image with your heat gun!

These are just some basic Q & A's. If you have any other questions, please post them below! I'd love to answer them for you! Also, check out McMahon Five Designs website and if you have any suggestions for images come back here and post them! I'm always looking for ideas to expand my image selection and keep them fresh!


Anonymous said...

Sue this post is perfect! I've been meaning to ask how digi stamps work as I have never tried because I just don't know how. BTW, you have a wonderful selection of floral designs that I'm definitely interested in! Take care and good luck on your venture!


Stacy said...

Congratulations on your new store Sue!!! I wish you the best of luck. Your flower Digi's are simply beautiful. Take care, Stacy