Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wood Paper - What is it and What do I do with it?

Cedar Wood Paper

Cork Paper

Walnut Wood Paper

The wood paper I have been using the last several months and have just started selling is a New, Creative, and Versatile product. I'm still learning all the things that this can be used to make! Let's first talk about what it is and then I'll tell you what all you can do with it!

What is Wood Paper?

There are 2 kinds of wood paper: Wood Paper and Micro Wood Paper. Currently I have Wood Paper for sale in my store. I will have the Micro Wood Paper in another week or so. What is the difference? It's how the paper is processed.

Wood Paper: A 2-3 foot section of a tree is put on a machine that spins the tree and as it goes around the machine shaves the wood into very long, very thin sheets. It is then put thru other processes such as drying, adhesive and then a paper backing is attached for stability.

Micro Wood Paper: Instead of the layers being shaved, the layers are cut straight down the length of the tree creating a more striped wood grain in the paper. This is harder to sew with, but it is much more beautiful.

What all can I do with my wood paper?

Sewing: Some varieties of paper are better to sew on than others. I personally have had better luck with the papers that have the paper backing. Cork is obviously a dream! Some split a little when the needle goes in when you are going with the wood grain however cause no issue when going against the wood grain. But experiment and find what works for you! I have not had to change any of the settings on my sewing machine to accommodate the wood paper. I put it in and go just like with regular card stock.

Stamping: Go ahead! Stamp right on it just like card stock. The smoother woods work better, but depending on your image and look you are going for you may like the broken image look too. Try it all and see!

Embossing: The wood paper embosses beautifully! And it really is a stunning look against the wood grain!

Printing: I know. It’s a crazy concept! But remember even though it’s wood…it’s paper! Put it in your printer and print a Digi Stamp right on it. Print a sentiment. Whatever your heart desires! The thinner, more flexible woods work best if your printer has a roller on the inside.

Die Cutting: I have a Big Shot and Spellbinders Nestabilities. Works like a charm! I really love the wood paper with the Scallop Nesties. It’s a pretty effect. See my Dogwood Digi card in the header above? The lighter color scallop behind the Dogwood Digi is Birds Eye Wood Paper.

Paper Punches: You can use this in your Paper Punches. Obviously it depends on the punch (some of mine are ‘temper mental’). Try it and see if it works with your punches. Again using the Dogwood Digi card in the header above, the corner pieces on that card are made with a Paper Punch.

Wood Stain: If you buy the unfinished wood or even some of the lighter woods, you can use wood stain to change the color. Just like wood!

Florist Aerosol Spray Color: There is a product out there that florists use to color their flowers with. It’s not a paint or stain. I’ve see yellow and pink used and it’s really cool. It changes the color of the wood and even enhances the wood grain.

Other craft items you can create or cover with the wood paper: Journals, lamp shades, gift boxes, use the cedar paper to line drawers or bins, envelopes, gift bags, and yes it can even be used as wallpaper! The ideas are endless!

Check out my store and see what you can do with it! Be sure to send me pictures to add to my Gallery on my website as well as give you Customer Recognition on my blog!


Anonymous said...


My wood arrived in the mail and it is just AMAZING! It is so THIN and the grain and colors will add so much dimension to my paper crafting!

NOW, just deciding which grain to start with! It cuts nicely and is a natural with glue and adhesives ... so many choices ... so little time!!

Sue @ McMahon Five Designs said...

Denise! I'm so happy you like the wood paper! Isn't it cool? Thanks for letting me know you recieved it ok and I can't WAIT to see what you make with it!