Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Favorite New Tool I Found at CHA

This is a Fiskars Border Punch. I saw it hanging on the rack and thought it was pretty, but kept right on walking. Then I saw it demonstrated! Oh my goodness! I was in love! They have many different patterns to choose from, but I chose this Wrought Iron Pattern.

What is different about this punch is it's Two in One! :) The corners are separate from the edges! What makes this even cooler is it is made to be used in 1" increments. No 1/2" or 1/4". You want to use paper in full inch sizes...3" x 3" , 4" x 5", etc. Do you see the dark lines on the dark blue part of the punch? Those are actually stair stepped at 1" increments. You slide your paper along and it catches at those marks, you punch and move it to the next step. Perfect borders EVERY TIME!!

Put your paper in and line it up at the first stair step.

Because this is the corner of the paper, you use the corner part of the punch.

There's your corner! (I took it out just to show you how it looks. Normally you would leave it in and do the next step.)

It's lined up at that first stair step again and I punch the edge punch. (Again, I took it out so you could see what it looks like. You would normally move on to the next stair step.)

Perfectly lined up with the corner!

Here, I moved it to the next stair step and punched just the edge punch.

I punched just the edge punch until I only had 1" left on that side. This leaves room for that next corner.

I turned the paper, and repeated the entire process along the rest of the sides.

All done! It really only took a few minutes to make this! They really make it fun and easy!

And this particular punch is made with the little flap to stick your next layer of paper under it so no glue or adhesive is needed! Not all the punches have this, but there are several that do!

That's how I made my edge on my Midnight Madness Sketch #14 card!


Penny said...

omgosh!!! you're right, that's pretty amazing!!! How cool is that! I have to have one now... lol

Betty Benton said...

How cool is this??!!!!!! What a perfect border. Thanks for showing.

Katarina said...

Oh, wow, that looks amazing. I never would've guessed how it was used, lol.

Georgia Ehrmann said...

wow! Now you are becoming my enabler! LOL! I've gotta get one! Great job showing us how it works...

Priscilla said...

Awesome Tutorial.. Ok..now I want one..you lucky lucky girl you :)

Rufus said...

Oh, oh now I've got to have it. I love border punches anyway, but this one is totally cool. So now not only do I have to save my pennies for your paper, but now I need the punches! Oh, you are a dangerous woman! Thanks!

Kristine said...

OOOOH, so THAT'S how you did the card above!! LOL - AWESOME! Love this and now I think I "NEED" it--sheesh...thanks you enabler you! :)

Just kidding LOL. Have a super day! OH, and btw...I'm not ignoring you - I'm going to get back to you ASAP on your email. Gotta chat with my sponsor coordinator first. You should hear from me later tonight or tomorrow. THANK YOU!! Love your tutorials! I'm so glad I found you! :)

http"//PaperGemsStudio.blogspot.come said...

WOW! Fiskers is making SEVERAL of these wonderful punches...so wish to have purchased them ALL! Maybe I can save and buy one per month!

Michelle ~ daydreams505 said...

Cool tutorial Sue! I'm so glad I picked up a couple of these when we were there. :)

GlendaC said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I have two of these punches and never even noticed the corner slit feature (even though I have other corner punches that do this). A DUH! moment.