Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wood Paper

I pulled an all nighter! I've had these new exotic wood papers from all over the world for 2 weeks. I've been protecting them with my life. I finally decided to release them!!!! OH, THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! If you are a card maker, you know photo's do not do things justice! You have to have them in your hands to believe the beauty of them!

Zebra Wood Paper from Africa

Wenge Wood Paper from Africa

Teak Wood Paper - The strongest wood in the world!

Sitka Spruce Wood Paper - The 4th Largest Conifer

Rosewood Wood Paper from Australia

Hickory Wood Paper - Unfinished

Ebony Wood Paper

Douglas Fir Wood Paper - My Favorite Christmas Tree

Cork Suede Wood Paper

Bubinga Wood Paper From Africa

Light Bamboo Wood Paper from Asia

Dark Bamboo Paper From Asia
All of this gorgeous, 100% Natural, made the GREEN way Wood Paper is available at McMahon Five Designs. And don't forget, if you haven't used your coupon code you better do it before it expires! It's my THANK YOU to you for your continued business and support!
10% off Coupon Code: summerfun2009

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Rufus said...

NOW you've done it! I'll have to work up an order now. I've been being SO good and resisting, resisting, resisting, but no more! I've gotta have 'em!!! The cards you make with them are so gorgeous and just the papers themselves look like they should be framed and hung on the wall! Expect my order soon! Thanks for the enabling!