Monday, April 9, 2012

Image Flashback & Dollar Digi Day!!!

Did all of you get your fill of Easter Eggs and Jelly Beans this past weekend?  We skipped the sweets this year and opted for a wilderness hike instead.  It was a great time with the kids and hubby.  And they were all so proud of me because I didn't scream like a little girl when I saw the snake.  LOL!  So funny to have a child say, "You are doing a really good job not screaming, Mom."    They make my heart smile.  :)

have created some fun and beautiful samples for you to enjoy!
We also have our popular
Dollar Digi Day
going on too!

Your Birthday Has Arrived JPG and PNG

Card by: Angie

Everlasting Flower JPG and PNG

Card by: Kristine

Happy Together JPG and PNG

Card by: Angie

And today, we have
for only $1.00!

Great time to get a head start on 
Mother's Day Cards!

Card by: Sue

Card by: Amy

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