Saturday, November 9, 2013

Recoloring Digital Stamps in Paint.Net Tutorial

1.         Open your PNG digi in Paint.Net – (You SHOULD see a grey/white checkered background.  That’s the program canvas and not part of your digi.  It shows your digi is transparent.) 

2.  If you don't see these 3 "windows" then go up to "WINDOW" at the very top and select "Tools", "Layers" and "Colors" 

        3.  Click on the PAINT BUCKET tool

        4.  Make sure the FLOOD MODE
            is selected to GLOBAL 

5.  On the COLORS window, click on the color you want your
            digi to be


6.  Click your digi on a solid part and it should change to the
color specified!

                                               That's IT!!  Your digi changed colors :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial .... Happy Creating!!


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